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F-Cup Cookie 日本人气产品 - 神奇纤体丰胸饼乾

Know more about Pueararia mirifica...

- Found in northern Thailand and Myanmar 

- Great composition of Isoflavones with nutrients 40 times richer than

- Rich in Miroestrol and Deoxymicroestriol 

- An excellent natural supplement that relieves menopausal  symptoms.
Benefits derived from Pueraria Mirifica...
      Breast enlargement   It enables plump and resilient breasts by accelerating blood circulation
  and stimulating the growth of mammary gland.
      Skin enhancement   Like estrogen naturally produced in human body, it maintains velvety
  smooth skin.
      Anti-age   It leaves skin radiant and elastic as it vitalizes skin cell and promotes
  better protein synthesis.

A little known herb Pueraria Mirifica ...

or Kwao Kreu as its called in Thailand has been used by locals as a herbal folk remedy for well over a century and used for good health and longevity due to its rejuvenating qualities. Thankfully this well kept secret has in recent years become better known to the rest of us.

One of Pueraria Mirifica,s most impressive benefits is linked to its ability increase breast size naturally, not only may the breast size be enhanced but also the firmness and fullness of the breast maybe improved. This is fantastic news for women.

How does Pueraria Mirifica achieve this. It contains Phytoestrogens or (estrogen hormones derived from a plant) the phytoestrogens are made up of isoflavones (including genistein, puerarin, miroestrol.) These substances have very similar properties to the female hormone estrogen.

Miroestrol a unique compound found in Pueraria Mirifica possesses a high potent estrogenic activity which can help stimulate blood flow and circulation plus promote new tissue generation within the breasts, enlarging and firming the breasts naturally.

Taking Pueraria Mirifica as a natural breast enhancer is a great alternative for women instead of resorting to more drastic measures namely cosmetic surgery. With improved breast size or firming of the breasts a women gains more self confidence.


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      Pueraria mirifica   Kind of a native tuberous root that belongs to pulse family. It is found in
  deep forests of the boundary region between Thailand and Myanmar.
      Sorbitol   Compound that is included in fruits such as pear, apple, plum.
      Expanding agent   It is often referred to “baking powder,” which is used to expand cakes in
  baking or steaming. 
      Emulsifying Agent   Act at the interface between two immiscible liquids such as water and
  oil to stabilize an emulsion.
      Quasi-Chocolate   Cacao content of total mass is 15% or higher (cocoa butter 3% or
  higher and non-fat cacao solids), and 18% or higher of fat including
  cocoa butter and 3% or lower of moisture out of total mass.
      Food coloring, Anatto   Dye that is extracted from seeds of achiote trees.
      Food coloring, Carotin   Contained rich in green and yellow vegetables such as carrot, tomato,
  and broccoli. They are digested as Vitamin A.
      Shortening   Edible fat and oil. It has high purity by taking moisture and additives out
  of margarine.
      Sucrose   They are composed by glucose (grape sugar) and fructose (fruit sugar).
      Dextrin   Water-soluble dietary fiber produced by corn starch. They are formed by
  enzymatic heat processing to refine and separate indigestible starch
      Caramel coloring   Natural additives that are frequently used for food coloration.
      Red clover   Also named as “trifolium pratensis.” Papilionaceous plant. Its above-
  ground parts and flowers are used as herbs.
      Carotenoid   Organic pigments that exist in nature such as red, orange, and yellow.
  They are typical antioxidant of plants like polyphenol.
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