New taste products introduced under
the concept of “Helping women become
more feminine”


1)     What’s the best consumption time? (E.g. empty stomach, in the morning, before night or else)
There is no specific time to consume F-cup cookies, but we will advice consumer to consume it in the morning prior to their breakfast. However if they forget it will still be alright to consume it after or together with their meal. Most importantly is to drink plenty of water.


2)     How long will see the effect after taking it?
Every individual reacts differently to supplements, but we do experience customers feedback earliest within 3 to 5 weeks to experience some sort of changes in their bosom.


3)     How long of the course of treatment? (3 weeks? After 3 weeks, need to continue to consume? Will the bust size become smaller if stop to take the products?)
The treatment duration is based on the customer’s choice of bust size and also dependent on the absorption of the customer’s body. Once the customers is satisfied with their breast firming and enhanced size, the customers can take 2 months of maintenance where they can slowly slow down on the dosage of F-cup. Example taking 1 a day instead of 2. Then after that the customers can stop. But we need to be aware that as our body ages, the bosom will not forever maintain it size. Customers are encouraged to consume back when it is necessary.


4)     Can we take the product with Chinese / Western medicines together?
It depends on what type of disease suffered by your consumers. If the sickness is not of those very serious types you can ask them to consume 1 hour prior to their medication. If the person is suffering from heartiness and fever it is better to ask them to stop the products as F-cup is actually a health supplement that is heaty to the body like 'tong gui'.


5)     Any people are not suitable to take the product?
People who are having allergy to any ingredients of the products, cancer patients of any form, pregnant women, breast feeding women, those who have high blood pressure and heart disease.


6)     Any side effect?
No there is no side effect in taking F-cup unless if it is taken wrongly or exceed recommended by dosage .Japan’s Ministry of Health and KKM has approved the ingredients as a Non-hazardous Health Food.


7)     What’s the difference with other bust enhancement supplement?
It is one of the 1st bust enhancement product that is developed to a form of cookies instead of pills or tea. The cookies comes with proper packaging where women can bring it around to consume without attracting obvious attention on them.


8)     What is the country of origin of the product? What is the qualification of the manufacturer? Any safety test report as supporting?
It comes from Japan and it has proper reports from SUNATEC and COA.


9)    Any artificial colorings / preservative in the products?


10)  Does the product cause women disease? Any side effect for women’s organs?
The product does not cause any side effects in women as pueraria mirifica has been used for over the generation in Thailand as a health enhancement herbs for women just like how Chinese women drink 'tung gui' and bird nest. It helps to boost up estrogen level in women and do not cause side effect in healthy women who are taking it.

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